The Secret World of Microbes







The Secret World of Microbes has been specifically written for upper primary/lower secondary school students. The book’s contemporary design and accessible language effectively explain key concepts in microbiology and put the subject in a fun, engaging context for its target audience.


This hardback resource is divided into four chapters covering a broad range of microbiology, interspersed with fascinating facts and historical anecdotes. The accurate, up-to-date information is written in a way that is easily understandable and designed to reinforce knowledge. Eye-catching photographs, and bold diagrams and illustrations are included to support and extend the text. A CD featuring suggested microbiology activities and PowerPoint® slides is included to enhance classroom learning.


Dariel Burdass, Head of Education at SGM and author of the book said, “The book aims to not just clearly explain the basics of microbiology, but also links microbiology to everyday, familiar experiences such as brushing teeth, making bread or composting. This aids learning but, importantly, also demonstrates how microbiology is embedded into our everyday lives.”


Julie Symington, head teacher of Tough Primary School in Aberdeenshire said, “This book is a great addition to the classroom. It brings science alive with its beautiful illustrations and really captures the imagination of children.”



This resource can be ordered from Microbiology Online.