softCELL e-learning

softCELL is aimed at 16+ learners and covers the aspects of cell biology listed below. It also links to useful sites, including the BSCB's own CELLpics.





Cell and Molecular Biology - general information

1.Cell and Molecular Biology at work - that's you

2.Why cell biology is so important

3.Cell biology - people, tools and techniques

4.Where are cells found?

5.What is a cell?

6.Further learning

7.Careers and courses


Cells unpacked - a look inside at cell inclusions




4.Endoplasmic Reticulum (Rough ER and Smooth ER)

5.Extracellular Matruix and Cell Adhesion Molecules

6.Golgi Apparatus



9.Nuclear Envelope

10.Nuclear Pore



13.Vacuole (plants)


Key Concepts and Concept Messages- the society of cells; a community of reactions.


2.Building Up and Taking Down

3.Cell Cycle Control

4.Cell Signalling - Interim note

5.Cell Structure and Function

6.Regenerative Biology and Stem Cells - Interim note

7.Chemistry and Cells

8.Pathways of Metabolism

9.Water and Cells

10.Programmed Cell death, Apoptosis or cell 'suicide' - Interim note

11.Epigenetics - It's not just genes that make us

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