Tassomai online learning

Tassomai's Learning Program offers schools an additional resource to support remote learning for students and for supporting flipped learning.

Tassomai’s Learning Program is an online quiz generator, which provides students with a set of quizzes based on their exam board’s content. It is designed to help students improve by guiding them to the areas upon which they need to work and giving them feedback on their progress.

Students are provided with a target number of quizzes that move forward continuously. They need to keep their progress ahead of the target if they are to complete the course by exam day. This information is also provided for teachers, allowing them to monitor student activity and giving them the opportunity to guide the student to sections of the course upon which they need to focus. The program targets students with questions that challenge, but which are appropriate to their ability, and which gradually increase in demand. It also provides information for parents, so that they can support and encourage.

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