The Lamb Diaries

Free, interactive live lessons for Key Stage 2 / Progression Step 3

After the success of Science Farm LIVE and Harvest LIVE, NFU Education have joined forces with NFU Cymru to bring you their first fully bilingual live lessons: The Lamb Diaries.

Join us on a curriculum-aligned adventure across the Welsh hills as we follow the journey of a lamb from the very moment they are born, all the way through their lifecycle.


Together we’ll learn:

How sheep are cared for during different stages of their lives
How champion sheepdog handler, Erin, and her dog, Theo, round up the sheep
How and why farmers shear sheep
How sheep are perfectly suited to living in the Welsh hills
How a very rare occurrence happened on Erin’s farm this year…


Your pupils will have front row seats to watch Erin’s lambing diaries, help her with rounding up the sheep and witness a live shearing!


We will be live streaming two lessons containing the same content: one in English language at 11am and one in Welsh language at 2pm on Wednesday 21st June 2023!


Sign up today to join us for these new, free live lessons that are tailored to the new Curriculum for Wales and the National Curriculum for Key Stage 2/ Progression Step 3.

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Teacher feedback from previous NFU Education live lessons


“The lesson was brilliantly presented! It was age appropriate and engaging from beginning to end. Our children all speak English as a second language, and they understood and enjoyed the mix of video and demonstration. Highly recommended!”


“I loved that women played a central role in this as our children often think of farming as a 'man's job’. It really supported our battle to challenge this view. One of the most engaging and interactive online sessions I've experienced - thank you!”