The wind power challenge

A renewable energy challenge that puts students' competitive spirits to the test...

This challenge is suitable for students aged from 7 to 16. Students are given minimal materials and asked to design a wind powered machine that can lift a weighted cup off the floor. Teachers' instruction sheets, related video clips and even certificates are available to download.

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This activity is accredited by the British Science Association as suitable to count towards a CREST Star Investigators SuperStar award. For more information about the scheme please visit their website 

For primary age students (7-11), this activity is lovely for project based work, linking ideas about science and technology with sustainability.
For lower secondary age students (11-14), its a good practical activity to support learning about energy transfers and energy resources.
For upper secondary age students (14-16), it provides a good vehicle for exploring energy transfers quantitatively.

 visit the practical action website to download the activity


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