MiPlatform smartphone adapter for microscopes

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Trajan MiPlatform - Presented to the 17th World Didac Awards July 2016

MiPlatform is a smartphone adapter which combines the comfort of microscope navigation and smartphone camera lens, thereby, enabling teachers and students to study quality images quickly and ergonomically. It maintains microscope-like navigation to fully utilize the advantages of microscope slides in both clinical and training settings.

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Onion cells practical

Set up your microscope and prepare a slide of onion cells as described. Look at your slide through the microscope on x4 magnification initially then by x10 magnification. When asked, bring your slides to be photographed by Mr. Brown. Make an observational drawing of your slide.

Technician tips:
Set up the MiPlatform in advance to ensure smartphone camera lens proud of microscope objective. Have a pre-prepared slide ready in case of unforeseen problems in the lesson. Red onions can offer good clarity.

Teacher tip:

Set up a reliable way to transfer images from the smartphone device to the computer e.g. some kind of cloud storage - Dropbox for instance auto-uploads images.



The preparation of onion cells is a classic Year 7 experiment to introduce the students to using microscopes. Using the MiPlatform device transformed this lesson into a more rewarding and engaging experience for my pupils. I have not used any other technique for capturing images of this nature onto handheld devices which gave results of such good quality.

Anthony Brown, Head of Science Faculty, Denbigh School, Milton Keynes, explains further:

“Setting up is not difficult. If this was being used for a whole class it might be worth pre-attaching the grip to all of the microscopes and moving the actual platform between them. This would be particularly good if it was the teacher’s device being used to take the photos.”

“Students really enjoyed this and the immediacy of their images being projected had a great impact on learning and engagement.”

“The potential of the device is obvious and I could quite easily see students’ photos of microscope slides becoming key aspects of their work - the images are of high enough quality for students to use in presentations and in work such as experimental write ups for assessment. The photos could even be submitted to teachers for assessment of the students’ ability to prepare a slide and identify key features of what they are studying.”

A. Brown, Denbigh School.



For further information on the MiPlatform please email europe@trajanscimed.com