Disaster Zone!

Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Volcanoes


Disaster Zone! resources were produced by a NERC-funded scientist (Jeannie Scott) carrying out research on volcanoes. These are a series of resources for teachers to use in the classroom to help school students understand more about a range of natural hazards. There are information posters, factsheets, quizzes and wordsearches/crosswords available for download. Use as PDFs on the whiteboard or print out for display and handouts.

Download the files below. The quiz cards can be printed back to back on yellow card so that the answers appear on the back.

01 MidOcean Ridge Volcanoes.pdf
02 Subduction Zone Volcanoes.pdf
03 Vesuvius poster.pdf
04 Hotspot Volcanoes.pdf
05 Volcanic Hazards Ash.pdf
06 Volcanic Hazards Lava.pdf
07 Hawaii.pdf
08 Volcanic Hazards Pyroclastic Flows.pdf
09 Mount St Helens.pdf
10 Volcanic Hazards Gases.pdf
12 Volcanic Hazards Lahars.pdf
13 Soufrire Hills, Montserrat.pdf


Earthquakes poster.pdf
Hurricanes poster.pdf
Tornadoes poster.pdf Volcanoes poster.pdf


Deadly crossword.pdf
Deadly crossword - answers.pdf
Deadly Quiz cards.pdf
Deadly Volcanoes crossword.pdf
Deadly Volcanoes crossword - Answers.pdf
Deadly Wordsearch.pdf
Not so Deadly crossword.pdf
Not so Deadly crossword - answers.pdf