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The UK’s chilled food production sector offers a wealth of ways to turn your students’ passion for science into rewarding, opportunity-filled careers. A science degree opens the door to applied science careers with attractive salaries, responsibility, continuous professional development and, in many cases, international travel. This fast-paced, constantly evolving and dynamic industry is growing all the time and with it the demand for high calibre graduates. At the moment there are an estimated 200 science-degree requiring vacant roles in the sector.

Chilled Education provides a unique link between teachers, students and the industry.  Its package of innovative, mainly free, resources is designed by teachers and industry specialists to help make your science lessons even more inspiring, informative and relevant. It also brings professionals into the classroom to share their experiences and invites teachers to witness first-hand the application of science in chilled food production.

Visit Chilled Education for full details of all the resources, together with careers information and case studies.

Micro-organisms and MicroTrumps

CFA has produced new and engaging resources to support KS2 teaching about microorganisms - visit the MicroTrump page

Science and Food Safety - lesson plans


Science and Food Safety is a series of free to use lesson plans, teacher notes, homework and practical sheets matching the KS 3-4 curriculum. These have been written by Sam Holyman of Bablake School in Coventry and Kat Stuart of Myton School in Warwick.

MicroTrumps cards, microbe tattoos and other inspiring resources supported by these lesson plans are available from:

Download lesson activities and resources here as PDF and PPT files.

SET 1. The effect of pH on yeast activity in fruit juice

Investigating pH and Soft_Drinks Lesson Plan.pdf

Investigating pH and Soft Drinks Student Practical Sheet.pdf

Food_Spoilage_HWK and Teacher_Notes.pdf


SET 2. Microbes in yoghurt

Yoghurt Lesson Plan.pdf



Microbes in yoghurt.ppt

SET 3: Investigating the pinking of lettuce

Investigating Lettuce Pinking Lesson  Plan.pdf
Investigating Lettuce Pinking Practical and Teachers Notes.pdf

Lettuce Pinking.ppt 

Lettuce Pinking_HWK and Teachers Notes.pdf

SET 4: Modelling microbial growth


Modelling Microbe Growth Student Practical Sheet.pdf
Modelling Microbial Growth.ppt

SET 5: Species variation and genetic adaptation




High calibre people - the roles behind the rolls!

The UK chilled food manufacturing industry is the most advanced in the world with more than 20 major companies, employing around 60,000 people.

The Chilled Food Association (CFA) represents many of the best known names in the industry. Between them CFA member companies offer a wide variety of jobs, excellent career development and competitive salaries for people of very high calibre who can work to exacting standards under pressurised conditions.

Many offer established graduate training programmes and the opportunity to travel. There are some 8,000 technical posts in the chilled food sector, 1,700 of which require graduate level technical qualifications.

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