The Great Vaccine Debate

The Great Vaccine Debate  (enrichment activity)
2-3 hours  HISTORY, SCIENCE, English

Key questions
History: Did people support Dr Jenner and vaccination in the early 19th Century
Science: Did vaccination work and was it safe?

Activity overview

A two-part history and science activity that develops children’s ability to understand and use sources to answer history and science questions. First, children imagine themselves as historians writing a biography of Edward Jenner. Then they imagine themselves as MPs from Jenner’s time and take part in a debate about vaccination that took place in Parliament in real life in 1802.

Download the resource:
The Great Vacine Debate - teacher guidance.docx
The Great Vaccine Debate - pupil sheets.pptx
The Great Vaccine Debate - teacher presentation.pptx
The Great Vaccine Debate (all).zip


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